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What we do?

  1. Web Development

    We provide solutions ranging from development of the front end user experience to the back end API connections and application builds.

    • Websites
    • eCommerce
    • Directory & Listings
  2. Design and Branding

    We create a holistic image of the company that distinguishes it from competitors. Through visual, we convey the ideas of the brand and the values ​​of the company to the consumer.

    • Brand Identity
    • Graphic Design
    • Motion Design
  3. Software Development

    We develop technological solutions for non-standard tasks: web platforms, enterprise web development, back-end & custom software. We analyze customer tasks and take it into account in the software architecture development.

    • PWA
    • Web Services
    • Management Platforms
  4. UX/UI design

    We pay close attention to UX design because we know that it directly influences user decisions. We always conduct UX research and analyze user behavior in order to help him navigate the site and get the desired result.

    • UX reserch
    • Wireframes
    • Web & Mobile Interfaces
  5. Data Engineering

    We help effectively store, manage, and leverage critical information assets. Our experts batch and analyze your data in real time to produce actionable insights through predictive analytics and machine learning, making business transformation possible.

    • Big Data
    • Internet of Things
    • Machine Learning

Technology stack

We select technologies based on the tasks of the project. This allows us to take into account compatibility requirements and reduce development time.

We proceed from what will provide the maximum result and functionality in the optimal time frame.

30+ modern and scalable technologies

Front end

  • css icon css
  • html icon html
  • js icon js
  • ts icon ts
  • sass icon sass

Back end

  • php icon php
  • nodejs icon nodejs
  • wordpress icon wordpress
  • strapi icon strapi


  • angular icon angular
  • react icon react
  • laravel icon laravel
  • yii icon yii


  • java icon java
  • python icon python
  • scala icon scala


  • kafka icon kafka
  • hadoop icon hadoop
  • apache-spark icon apache-spark
  • hive icon hive
  • cassandra icon cassandra
  • apache-hbase icon apache-hbase
  • elasticsearch icon elasticsearch
  • apache-ignite icon apache-ignite
  • solr icon solr
  • jenkins icon jenkins

About us


Focus on the user

Focus on the user

We focus on who the target market is, and what their specific needs and goals are. We take a deep dive into what motivates the user through research, journey mapping, wireframes, prototypes, and testing.

Optimal Tech Stack

Optimal Tech Stack

We select a stack of technologies depending on the requirements for the project, we find the most relevant and effective solutions. This approach allows to get a convenient and safe product that can be easily scaled.

Fill with meaning

Fill with meaning

We guide the user visually through the product with an attractive, consistent and intuitive interface. A strong UI design filled with purpose makes it easy for the user to understand and trust the brand.

Develop and promote

Develop and promote

We do everything necessary for the site to bring customers and make a profit. We think over a strategy, predict budgets, implement end-to-end analytics, set up and run advertising campaigns.


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Executive Director

Sandra photo

Project manager

Marina photo

UX/UI Designer

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Alex photo

Full-Stack Developer

Mary photo

Project manager

Sofia photo

UX/UI Designer

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UX/UI Designer






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